Sleeping leads to Dreaming

Slow night.

Turn off the lights.


Hear the faucet dripping.

Bathroom light.

Eyes strained.

Arm blocking what it can.

A few steps.

The faucets off.

Laid back down.

Dark, the silence creeps in.

Like cracked drywall left out in the rain.


Strained thoughts shuffle through the back of your eyes.

Paced back and forth bits of conversation litter your ears.


Lay the images down like pebbles.

Create a base, layer them

and give your mind your daily day.

Hearing the rush of waterfalls.

Seeing absence of color.

So white.

Reminds me of the bathroom light.

Can't see faces but the emotions are flooded.

And the colors so vibrant.

Can't find out where I need to be,

but it's not here.


I miss the sound of the faucet,

at least it was reliable.

The End

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