Sleeping Awake

Standing in a clearance I turn my head-
Looking for a passage to reach my destination
Weary, I wish I were in bed 
Asleep, not in a forest of interrogation.

Questioning my patience, I'm fatigued 
Wearing me down with each turn and thought.
With each passing, quiet moment I more believe-
that I've lost the path, and my search is for naught.

Days it seems, but really only hours-
that I've been searching, looking for a light.
I squint my eyes but the darkness devours-
as the night leaves not a ray of light in sight. 

Suddenly, when I feel I can take it no longer;
I feel like I will fall asleep.
I see a light which grows still stronger.
A sleep engulfs me, oh so deep.

Even though I'm slipping, as it seems-
the more asleep I get the more awake I feel.
As I thought I'm awaking from a dream,-
and not a bit of it was real.

The End

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