Sleep-Deprivation Poem, Read At Your Own Risk

Everything withers and dies like a flower,

Whose petals shade my darkest hour,

Like a canopy of velvet pain,

Protecting me from crimson rain,

The blood pours down, sky's wound is deep,

Whipped and beaten, deprived of sleep,

Lie awake and hope to write,

Page flickers in the dimming light,

Existentialism side kicks in,

Tortured by every so-called sin,

Am I to blame for every wrong?

Should I just try to get along?

Take what fate has given to me,

Through blackened eyes, I try to see,

Why the hell I'm even here,

When everything is so unclear,

Demonic claws scrape hell's door,

Act like I've never been here before,

On the edge of self destruction,

Kill myself under your instruction.



The End

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