Sleep Quietly

Just a little something something from the depths of my mind....

A beautiful woman
Is dying today,
And there's several things
We'd like to say, 

A terrible loss...
We'll remember the time
When culture cut
The mooring line.

Trasna na fharraige,
Ag seasamh ar taobh,
With the wind in your hair
And your heart on your sleeve.

Did I push you a stóirín?
A little too far?
As your tears tell a history,
Of what we now are....

Tá an sneachta ag titim,
An Geimhreadh ag teacht,
Ár gcroí ag briseadh,
And our culture ag imeacht.... 

In a broken tongue
Across the wave, 
Sleep quietly my darling,
You've been so brave. 

The End

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