Sleep Deprivation

I seriously have no idea, but you probably will assume I was on something. Its called caffeine, and inexplicable sleep deprivation. Imagination is a hell of a drug.

Lemonade Poodle stands on the edge of the grocery store cliff,

Mumbling about Spain

And a parade of Mafia Giraffes, sadly, have come to murder you.

Yeah, I'm in a mood. Say hello to sleep deprivation.

Its only the beginning of this messed up situation.


Hey kids, did you know that fizzy-pop soda drinking hats rot your brain?

If you misbehave, you must sit in the goat feed, prisoner of grain.

Silence. Has a star-faced mole stolen your voice box

And replaced it with a can of beans?

Is this retribution for when you refused to eat your greens?


I can drive HAL mad, with nonsensical gibberish.

And in return he has robot butlers serve me cake

But since he is an evil computer, it is probably laced with cyanide.

Or something that even an insane writer wouldn't take.

Wait! I hear something...its a demon squirrel from Minnesota.

He wears a purple pimp hat, but is not a pimp...I don't think.

Grab your skunk rifle, make sure it works, don't make a stink.

And aim for the Goodyear Blimp.


You will probably take this

And testify in court on charges of blithe insanity.

But hiding places are plentiful, on this twisty-turny path

Its pouring out without ceasing, my subconscious wrath.

This is my hallucination,

So let it be a celebration!


I napped briefly, but had terrible dreams

Filled with flying babies of the Apocalypse.

Should we stand below a mountain and evade turtles that plummet

With skull-shattering velocity?

I should lie down and dream asleep instead of awake.

But no, the Network hasn't heard of a thing called, "sleep..."


The End

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