a poem that i wrote one night when i felt alone and depressed. i use my words to describe my feelings in the only way i know how.

Pretty blade, lets dance all night

To win the war, but lose the fight

The time has come, lets cheer the moon

This day near over, so very soon

The pain is good, so watch the tree

It grows and grows, so woo is me

The cold is gone, let us all cheer

But it comes again, all to near

The tree of life, the tree of death

It dances true, to my every breath

The power inside, all but dead

It leaves my soul, from in my head

Oh silver blade, with the dark red gleam

Pleas come to me, from in my dream

I love your touch, I love your tone

Sing to me now, that I'm not alone

Silver blade, you shine so bright

Do you see it, the pain in the night?

Oh dark red pool, you gleam with fire

The ice inside, burning with ire

Oh love of pain, you stab my soul

One day in the future, I will be whole

Oh burn you void, collapse to dust

You ruined me once, killing my trust

I fear to love, but feel its burn

It writhes inside, it tries to spurn

It wants and needs, it desires to show

It learns and leads, it helps you grow

So teach me now, and lead straight on

show me the way, the way to the dawn

I long for the light, the way to survive

I wish to know, to learn and thrive

But I die inside, in this void of ice

Oh lead me true, don't spurn me thrice

I feel the burn, the burn of death

You watch and learn, ill take your breath

Lets dance forever, on the wings of time

Lets float in space, the perfect crime

But back to Earth, we sink and fall

I hit the ground, and hear your call

You're far above, you reach for life

I fall below, and grab the knife

You see the blade, and shed a tear

I watch it fall, and hit the mirror

The pieces fly, they pierce my core

I drop the knife, and soar evermore

The razor drops, and spins to the sky

The cold returns, and I whisper goodbye

The words inside, the blood in my veins

It spins and flies, as it flows through drains

The creatures inside, they begin to rise

listen now, to my soundless cries...

The End

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