Skinny Like Her

Am I eating too much again?
That's it,
Isn't it?
I knew I should've kept my diet,
Not have eaten lunch or dinner,
Kept breakfast short.
I gained another pound,
And I should've known you'd realize it.
Can you accept my apology?
I'll lose it, 
I swear.
I just want to be thin like you like, dear.
I know she's skinnier,
But I'm trying,
You have to see me trying,
Just be happy with me and my body and the fact that I'm trying,
Because dear my hair is falling out,
Dear I'm getting so dizzy,
Dear can you see that light too?
Dear it's getting closer,
I stopped loving myself so you would love me,
So dear,
Love me, 
Because I won't be alive to love myself.

The End

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