I stand here,

trying so hard to please you,

don't you see how hard I try?

Don't you see you break me down with your disapproval?

You don't.

I have given up so much to do this,

and you shun my achievments in favor of my errors.

I tried.

I tried so hard.

Can't you understand?

This is my dream.

Yes, it's hard work;

yes, it's changed me;

but I'm not so different

and it hasn't injured me.

You injure me with your criticism.

See me.

Hear me.

I'm sorry that you don't like my dreams,

I'm sorry you don't understand them,

but I'm so close!

Don't drag me down again,

with your disgust and contempt!

You're drowning me,

can't you see?

You're drowning me,

and this time I won't survive intact.

The End

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