Still Waiting

I sit there,

purposely invisible,

because if you see me,

then we will speak,

and my heart will shatter a thousand times worse

than we have already broken it.

I know they must wonder.

We used to talk

and laugh.

No more.

Because I owe it to myself to be happy,

and I know that to be happy,

I don't need your love.

So if I find the will to be keep believing this,

maybe it will be true one day,

and your beauty won't burn me

with the knowledge that my heart belongs forever

to you only

though your heart has never -

will never -

belong to me.

I can't be near to you any longer,

because everytime I see your face,

my spirits soar

and I die a little at the same time.

So here I am,

still waiting for the day

when I am strong enough to look you in the eye

and not feel the way I do.

The End

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