Paint the parchment

That I once called a life,

Now the parchment has faded,

The chains bind my ankles, have for years,

Chains so long I began to believe they weren’t there.

Then bound so tight I couldn’t breathe –



Everything broken inside!


I can feel them loosening at night,

As I began my flight to the rafters

Of the endless sky I dream in,

Sifting through clouds and space and time.


As the chains begin to crumble,

Unable to sustain a creature so filled

With light and wonder and love and emotion,

That I once more start to paint

But only a different picture –

Less stone and more sky.

The dreams I sing of,

The dreams I want,

The dreams I will have!

But as I breathe again, I can sense it.

Something has changed.

What has come about since

I was locked up in my sorrow?


What has come about since

I was imprisoned by the pain?

-Faerie - I'm not entirely sure if this poem has a deeper meaning or if it is even meant to. Lately, I've been going into the zone a lot more, where I just write and don't think. In the end, I usually like it and can understand the meaning behind it fairly well, even if others can't. I'll probably write a couple more poems like that and then go back to more understabdable ones. : )

The End

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