Dreams Untrue

I smile and nod,

when you say that dreams are untrue.

But just because you're talking

doesn't mean I think you're right.

I think that when I talk about what I want,

you shut your heart up.

You've forgotten how it feels when

someone's tearing your dreams down.

Now you talk this way,

so harsh, so completely cynical.

When was the last time you saw

what a gift it is to be alive?

And when you ask me to give up all of my dreams

so I can live up to your expectations,

that's not what I want.

It's not what I want.

Hundred thousand job ideas,

plan to fly into the sky

and just see how far I go,

but you're trying to keep me here

with you on the ground.

You think I don't know all the dreams that

you used to have,

you think I don't know how your reality

contrasts sharply with that.

I'm not like you,

I'll never be like you,

I can't give up everything.

I've got to learn to fly,

got to try

to make it all come true.

And I know that there's a way

if I just keep believing,

then all my dreams will be true.

The End

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