How Could I Have Forgotten?

She has a reason to act the way she does.

Of course she does.

Everyone has a reason for the way they act.

I knew that.

I've known that.

So why am I so stunned

that I can barely breathe?

Is it the pain and horror of her admission?

Is that why I'm near tears?

Do I feel bad for her?

Is it pity?

Or guilt?

Probably all of that and more.

I don't know what's happened to me.

I used to understand people,

I used to refuse to judge

because I didn't know what their story was,

I wasn't them.

Who was I to judge?

And yet I've judged and misjudged her

so many times in so many horrible ways

these past few months.

I've been rude and lost my temper

when really, what she did

had to have been an accident.

And now as I think this,

the excuses I told everyone for my outburst

are crumbling to dust,

for there is no excuse for my attitude

and what I said.

It was an accident she did;

nothing more, nothing less.

And I snapped at her for it.

How could I have forgotten the things that were once

set in stone for me?

The words that were carved onto my heart

and formed a flaming wreath of truth around my head -

I forgot.

"Never judge so harshly."

And I never realized how arrogant and wrong I've been...

until now.

Until I was faced with the truth of my actions...

I've never felt more ashamed.


The End

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