Skies and Storms

An experiment about structure and rhyme.
AAAA rhyme scheme in all Stanzas.
First stanza lists four elements
Those elements repeat in the first line of the next four stanzas, in a set of four syllables, comma, three.
The second line of those next four stanzas is a rhetorical question.
The third line is inverse of line one; instead of 4,3 the syllable rhythm is 3,4
the final line of each of the stanzas ( still excluding the first one ) is a statement.
All lines are 7 syllables

I am stone where diamonds lie

I am grey where colors fly

The dust under golden rye

Dark clouds in a vibrant sky


My wings of stone, weight like lead

Doubt like twine, is hope a thread?

Small boy grown, his dream is dead

Here my fear stands in its stead


My smile is grey, gone and sold

Where are colors, where is gold?

The sun gone, the wind is cold

My stars and gods have grown old


My voice is dust, hard with strain

Where did effort turn to vain?

Time dulls life, both joy and pain

Today there falls a black rain


My clouds are here, storms like night

Is there still reason to fight?

The time ends, the soul takes flight

Open skies shine blue and white

The End

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