Sister (Part 1)Mature

You're like a carcinogen; you can scream at me when 

I get my germs on your strawberry lipgloss, when I am 

Too dubious in my gender to fall into place in your domino 

World, all black and white and painted; sugarcoated. 


Spidering across my arm with something sharp and 

Sparkly as ice or that shadow you wear on your eyes when 

You want to dazzle like a winter star; I can roll my sleeves down 

So your friends don't stare when we go shopping. 


Vocal cords as musically engineered as all of that glorious 

Pulsing metal in Ferrari engines; I watch you sing, I watch you 

Being skinny and perfect and flawless as a manufactured Disney 

Princess child-star; please pour some of your heavenly light 

Upon this loser who loves you. 

The End

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