Princess PoisonMature

Poison candy-pink, her nails like 

Only the most perfectly formed shells, 

Buffed by the ocean; I drown in her 

Fake tough-girl tirade as it tumbles from 

Her hooker's lips. 


Hearts were made to be smashed into 

Insectile messes; you'll scrape my ex-

oskeletal emotions off your 

Louboutin red-queen sole, my laugh will come 

Out artificial. 


You love to play victim, darling, 

But some things can't be learnt at fancy 

Rich-girl schools of performing arts and 

Princess-culture; life's not as black and white 

As piano 


keys, your parents can't buy you an 

Ounce of mercy; you might have the face 

Of a doll but your tongue is as forked 

As a serpent's; you can spit poison on

Me, but one day


life will break you. 

The End

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