The Glasgow SmileMature

Pale, chapped lips, licked off the slick of blood, an eternal kiss

Smothered in earth and blackened by time, a lack of any reason 

To exhume, and preserve each coat of pearlescent pink;

Slit you gills to stop the drowning feeling, cut you a new smile to 

Flirt with death. 


Suffocating, bled-out, bed is a grave, grave is a bed, 

Whichever, it doesn't matter now, 'cause you're still 

Grinning, gaping, freakish as a Jack-o'- Lantern, 

Empty as your bloodless jugular, your hollow venous 



Shimmering slip of eye like the ocean between those 

Swollen lids, the candle inside you did not flicker to 

Life with this smile; carved up, closed-casket cadaver,

Forever smiling, screaming in the ground. 

The End

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