Sugarqueen lady muck, a honeytrap full of venom, she 

Sharpens her scarlet nails on my face, all red-lipped 

Sucking a cocktail of platelets and Valentines hearts from 

My dull blue arteries, 


Is this purgatory, when you taste bitter and coppery hot

Like blood, when love goes all toxic, and sugar-coats 

Rotted bits of affection, meat gone bad, my raw and 

Bloody crimson offerings. 


Tongue all bubblegum pink and pointed like a pitchfork, ram 

It back my throat and seal me with your syrupy string of 

Paracetamol kisses; put me to sleep in a wave of hot magenta 

Dreamy, comatose graveyard heroin

My heroine. 

The End

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