Pink and PurpleMature

Bleeding glitter from plastic veins, pink and purple rains from 

Scientific specimens kept in doll-house prison cells and dumbed and 

Watered down with flickering images; you made her a mannequin, 

You pushed her into a glaring city of lights paved with pages of sex tips and 

Efficient housekeeping. 


Pink and purple straitjacket corset bondage, bindings, tie her to a 

Stake of stereotypes, pin her to her gender like an exotic beetle to

A labelled bit of cardboard; give her breasts instead of brains, 'cause 

Pretty girls can't have it all. 


Broken hearts on the television, stupid girls on the television, 

Sexist jokes surrounding me, teenage boys that laugh when 

The teacher says "rape," I want to tear down these walls, this 

Soft pastel prison surrounding me since forever; I am not nice,

I am not your ladylike, giggling, simpering, sugarcoat doll. 

The End

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