Celebrity AutopsyMature

Polished surgeons at your televised autopsy, do we have to announce 

The results of what lies beneath your Y incision like the forensic 

Pathologist has a pearly smile and chants the statistics while fluorescent 

Bars beat down on a morgue full of anticipating audience, and 

Applause rolls like a death rattle. 


Maybe the heart they took out was slick with blood, maybe it was 

Frozen over or plated with purest gold, clogged with diamonds in 

The tubes that pulsed out passionate lyrical heaven forever in hell 

When the world is your cage. 


Graves lined with glitter and internationally 

Aired funerals, change the channel if it's boring, it's not like 

Any of this is real enough to be more than a cancellation of 

This evening's episode. 

The End

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