Silly, Pointless Thoughts


Rain on the window panes
can’t begin to describe the silent pain,
in this heart of mine.
How can you love two people so thoroughly?
how can can one person cloud your mind so entirely?
I was told, that if you fall in love twice,
always choose the second because if you really loved the first,
you’d have never noticed anyone else.
But when one set you on fire with who he is,
and the other is such a quiet love,with quiet things promised,
how can that be true?
How does one make a choice, that isn’t really a choice?
I try so hard to forget the way that fire felt,
in exchange for the safer feeling of butterflies,
and here I lie,
muse quiet, mumbled musing,
no roaring fire in my bones
to ignite the fire in yours, my dear reader.
The quietness is overwhelming,
and one cannot help but succumb to its wishes…
Forgive me,if this wasn’t what you expected to hear.
My heart,mind,and soul ache with the pointless thought
that I will lose both,
and that in the fog of that bitter loss,
the muse shall fall silent forever.

The End

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