I stared into eyes darker than death
and i stood on the brink of oblivion,
a freezing hand on my throat
and fiery skin pressed to my back.

Will you freeze before you burn,little one? he asks.

What answer is there when all you see is the dark you’ve never feared?
the things that kept you safe for so long are all the weapons of your destruction
and what can you do?
Where can you go but down?
So you jump, just so you can feel anything
but those pitch black eyes burning into the back of your head
and that cold, cold hand squeezing your throat so tightly
you can’t breath,
that chest burning with hatred searing a hole where they all believe your wings should be.
You jump, and that hand tightens around your throat,
You’re so desperate, but your weight won’t send that imposing figure
over the edge with you;
You feel the tears sliding down your sallow cheeks and his laughter
is like a knife cutting deep into your stomach,
your blood boiling with the fear of why he won’t let you go,
he pulls back to the miniscule space in front of him and you hear,though his lips never move-

“Again,little one, let us see if you mean it this time.”

He loosens his grip, nail withdrawing blood,
a necklace of red on a throat that sings lifelong torment,
You cannot move, you go to jump,
but you fall onto the ground at his feet,
begging to know why he returned.
He watches you with distaste,and he opens his mouth,
the tongue ripped out and the teeth yellowed,
you gag and gag until your eyes water and all you can see is shadows
and then you’re falling,falling,falling,falling,falling,

Falling back into place, on the hard floor of your bedroom.

The End

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