This Time

The water is cold,
I can feel it, feel it weighing down my weary bones-

(there is no water just my anxious tears threatening to drown me)

I hear him speaking,
whispers soft as clouds in the star filled night-

(he’s been gone for years,but still he stands there, protecting my poor soul)

The thoughts are heavy tonight,
as I fidget in my bed,
sweat dripping into my eyes and I-

Hush child,she says, You left the only one who understood and now you face the dark night alone.
You jumped and he stayed on the ledge,
he watches you, but your eyes do not see.
Your eyes refuse to see the havoc that they’ve wrecked on the innocent.

She smells of roses and tea, her hair red, scarlet red,
topped upon her head and falling in exasperated ringlets.
She reaches her thin hands to me,

(I know her I know her I know her I know her I know her)

And I know him.
That black clad figure with that jagged scar,
that tongueless mouth and black-pit eyes.
I know that cloying smell of death….

And I know that they are back.
And I know that this time,
I can not run far enough to escape their stares.
They will have me,this time,
I can feel it in my bones,
my body shakes and quivers with the knowledge.

(What body is there left,to experience any of the things the memories they’ll bring?)

The End

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