Let's Talk! (Not a Poem, Just A Thing)

Hey! So let's have a conversation! 

First off, here's a little secret: I"M FREAKING UNSTABLE SO OH MY GOSH IF I"M SAD OR UPSET JUST ACCEPT IT.Like seriously. Accept it, wait an hour or so if that then I'll be okay again! It's just that easy. Like  I love all the concern and stuff but this depression and sadness is literally a daily thing and has been for FOREVER.  So you can be all concerned and stuff, but if you keep asking me every single day what's wrong, its just gonna piss me off. It really will, and then I'll be mean and a completely terrible person towards you and I won't really mean to but gosh.  It'll happen. Especially if you ask for an actual explanation of why I'm sad or angry...that's basically asking for me to rip your head off. I can't stand that shtuff right there. 

Okay! Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about something else. The meaning behind my bio- it's how you take it. To me, its all about writing and how important it is to me, but there is so much more between the lines. It means so much yet so little all at the same time. Read it. Look at it the way you want to. It can mean anything. It just doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. 

Okay! Great talk. And just clarification, I'm not mad at anyone, I'm just clarifying some points because more than one person has asked. 

I love you all, and yes. Just yea (: 

The End

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