Sixty Three

I shiver
And it's the expectations of the Summer that holds my attention
You all find my monologue so attractive and out of character
Heed my words
This Love is a lie
This is realisation
A pact has been made
A pact that shall remain unbroken
Your ignorance has consumed many lives
It's best you man up and finish the job
Push that knife into your neck
You deserve it
Watch the world for the one
Destined to fall
Become ashes
Bleed dry
There is no point in this life 
Nothing to achieve that will fall into darkness
Everything is destined to pass
So why bother yourself over the pain you put her through over half a year
Why do I continue to search for something to soothe the terrifying lie
This comfort will only betray you
I stare out onto the damp street 
And I wonder whether I'm dead
For my Heart beats no longer
There goes Nihilism

The End

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