Six million.

I wrote this after reading 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak. The book made me really appreciate the full horrors of the Holocaust. I knew it was horrific before but 'The Book Thief' spoke to my emotions more than the History books.

Weary as a dying pulse's pace

A millenniums-old struggle in a years-old face

A hollow, broken shadow of a man

With clinging fingers and slipping hands

A human life ripped at the seams

With aching bones and shattered dreams

In his vulnerability he's just a child

Breaking down at cruelty's smile

And such a hideous beating it should be untrue

The beating of his own heart is black and blue

A shredded soul and a bloody heart

And melting eyes shedding slivers of glass

To them, this matters no amount;

His Star of David is all that counts.

The End

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