Sitting on This Swing

I also wrote this after my classmate's death.

Sitting here on this swing

Listening to that repeating squeak

I look up at the stars

Searching for the brightest one


There, there you are

Shining down on me as if saying,

"I'm here watching you, all will be okay"

A sense of comfort takes control of my body

Letting go of my sadness and fear

I still don't understand

I have mixed emotions hitting me

like debris in a tornado


Why? that stupid question

That never has a satisfying answer

The question that makes life that much harder

and yet

That much more exciting


Some days I want a break from wondering

Then, somedays it's what keeps me sane


All that keeps me here is

No matter what, I need you

Someway, somehow

To look after me until I, like you

Escape this crazy amusement park


I feel the breeze glide across my temples

Smiling knowing it's you

Telling me to calm down

Not to worry

Your star starts to dim

As a symbol of a new day

A new start

A new adventure

That leads me to where you are

The End

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