Sitting On A Bus (We Are)

A poem about a part of being a teenager.

I'm sitting on a bus

Waiting for you to turn 

to look at me and smile

to say my name the way that you do 

so we can discuss the changes 

that have come over us two. 

Standing there you ask me, 

You ask me

You ask me 

for that seat, right there

the seat against mine. 

I think of what would happen

of how we'd discuss

like adults pretend to 

how we'd discuss these changes

in subtle nods and words

You would say "How are you?"

and I would say "Good, you?"

"I think about you all the time." 

Your reply would be.

I'd blush the only blush I can

because most think me too dark to show the red

but my cheeks are burning anyway

and I want you to notice,

I want to say,

"I like you too. "

But I'm sitting on a bus

and your not turning 

and we aren't discussing

because you're too far away 

and I didn't have the guts to say

'This seat is taken,

but you can have me anyway."

The End

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