sit down and listen to why i hate your accusation of my time on my phone

okay, but listen for a moment. 

on tumblr, i drown in 
genderqueer-friendly posts,
and helpful reminders,
and wonderful picker-uppers, 
"you're allowed to change your identity whenever you want to",
"just because you don't look like what you identify as doesn't mean you're invalid",
"remember that right now is not forever"

and i laugh 
and i can be whoever i want to be

on Protag, 
i can write poetry.
i can spin words until they fit like
jagged jigsaw puzzle-pieces, 
and i can explain truths
that have lain dormant and stale
for far too long. 

and i smile
and i can say whatever i need to say

the internet isn't rotting my brain, 
far from it. 
i knew about Bernie Sanders first, 
i heard the news of the Paris attack first, 
i could remember Iceland's 1975 women's strike first.

i hear about amazing people like
Marsha P. Johnson
(because nobody teaches me my own history)
and Chiune Sugihara,
because we so rarely recognize them for their efforts.

my culture is different. 
mine is one of change
and of telling events the way they actually happened

and we're trying to avoid
the voice that you use when you talk to me. 

i am not invalid. 
the internet has single-handedly boosted my self-esteem
i can accept a damn compliment now -
that's how bad i used to be. 

and tumblr?
let's get back to that. 

you have support. 

people list their pronouns in their description
(do you even know how wonderful that is)
more often than not, 
there's someone you can see yourself in -
representation we don't get in real life. 

you just get dorito-shouldered Captain America
and singing goats
and i fear life a little less. 

i remember to go drink water
and tricks for laptop battery 

and my world is a little better. 

so stop it.
stop criticizing my safe haven.

maybe if the life i live in was a little more like this,
i wouldn't hate it so much.  

The End

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