Sisters in Song

One, two, three-

Doors are we-

You cannot open us unless you have a key.

We sang like canaries, trapped within an invisible cage

Songbirds forbidden to make a single joyful noise

Our songs were laments, rising high into the empty air,

Struggling to rise over the sounds that persisted

Pshsk, Click, Thonk, another can added to the collection

The hallow noise of an open palm violently crashing down upon skin

Gasps as our only protection clawed the fingers from her neck

Lies of the origins of bruises, ugly purple blue and tender

Lies about scratches, lines red and glaring

We sang joyfully on Sunday,

Sanctuary, free to lift our hearts

T’wards escape, the bars rusty and rough

Still the song struggled, barely breaking through

Three small canaries, bruised and wavering

Soaring high among the clouds in song.

The End

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