Don't be a coward for truth.

Hand of discrepancy,

Lean against the door of truth

with an affirmative push,

And in the pressure,

That ecstatic mystery of what's behind it

awakens a beast of adrenaline,

Flooding pores and veins,

Giving affirmation to press harder

against the rickety door,

That easy door,

With truth behind it how hard

can it be to choose?

Except the ear becomes a stethoscope,

Listening to see if it's busy and

if it is you'd better go away,

Can't afford to miss out on the lies,

With all it's blessed ignorance

and radical ideas,

But the adrenaline becomes terrifying,

A Robespierre in the crook of your brain

leading you away to the guillotine,

So pause,

Away from the door! It could

be a trap,

An obscure notion written by some mental case,

Like Aristotle or Rousseau or Gandhi

or Locke,

And the world doesn't need another one,

A strong man with a strong grasp

on the way a man should be,

Free? Free?


Man is free and everywhere else in chains,

A foolish notion that would get my

hand cut off for saying it...

The End

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