sirius is bright tonight

"Lumiere, darling.
Lumiere over me."

Star-watching is called cheesy
but I think it is quite human
to look up into the lights of heaven
and ponder the mysteries of God.

It is not easy to become a person
and near impossible to change your person
so let me reassure you; all you are
is all I will ever need. Don't change.

There is a scab on my shoulder blades
and it is quite human for me to wonder
whether this is my eternal calling
and wings shall sprout from the bone.

There is blue in your hair, and
there is light in your shadows.
Don't tell me not to love you like this
because you are everything to me.

My oil lamp is beside me and I wish
for just a little candle, because
this yellow shine is attracting moths;
they skitter dizzily across the glass.

And when you open your mouth
everything else dies down to silence
because you are all you are and all I need
and I am so utterly in love with you.

The End

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