Siren Song

It's about how, even when people are old and weary of the world, they can still have an adolescent feeling of nostalgia for a lost love

The skies are lighter for me today

And even my heavy heart is lifted with the clouds

I've sent my burdens to fly on a western wind

My soul takes flight, my flesh stripped away from my doubts

Maybe I'll find peace in the night

Maybe i'll quell the squall of tears inside


And now I can feel the siren song begging me not to leave

To lay for a little while in the long grass of these rolling hills

This love for the world, a love stronger than any pills

I'd stay forever, losing myself in optimistic dreams


I take a glance around myself, barely noticing this reality

Industry around and my heart's fire turning colder

Awakened from the siren song my face drained of all colour

I can feel the years advancing, oh how I'm turning older

Maybe I'll find an answer to my doubts

Maybe my soul will fly with the birds south


And the siren song begins to fade and I weep

And all of my burdens return, rushing back

I left myself to ruin, and my heart begins to crack

I can only wish for peace in my sleep


And as I become old, cynical and poisoned to the world

I listen to the wind to catch at least a stray note

My youth will return to me and fade in an instant

I'll stand on those hills in my last days and hope

Maybe I'll find peace one final time

And quell the squall of tears inside


The End

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