Sir Nicholas

I wrote this around Christmas. Inspired by snow.

   I saw a man walk by last night
   And he looked jolly, old, and bright
   For he had no car as he walked in the fog
   Had he only a stick and a small red nosed dog.

   Now I look up into that bright sky
   And as the snow falls like pepper
   I think of that guy, walking by
   As we eat our supper.

   A few days later i see him again
   So i greet him as a lovely gentleman
   Kindly i ask for this man's name
   Then he turned around and started to explain....

   He said his name was Nicholas
   And shall he not tell me his last
   As it was, as if the whole day had past.

   I turned around to say good-bye
   But he was gone, nowhere near by
   Now all I could do was say to the sky....

        Good-bye Sir Nicholas
        And have a good night
        For tomorrow is Christmas
        So please, sleep tight!

The End

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