Never Ending Winter

the moon rises,
and glints off the steel,
the shield of your bitterness wards the cold off-
the tundra resides in your icy stare,
and the glaciers replace your heart.

there is no summer,
there is no spring,
just a frozen Autumn fall,
icicle tears trailing like sap
from our amber eyes.

the tundra resides there,
for all the world to see,
for them to ignore directly.

the moon rises,
you huddle in the safety
of the walls you've built-
you warm yourself in the fires
of your anger,
a cold fire melting and freezing
you in place.

you reside there,
basking in moonlight,
your bow and arrows drawn
against the fears that will never
reach the threshold,
never reach that far in your frozen
horizon of silence.

The End

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