Sinner Saved

A poem ; Spiritual

I remember yesterday

I remember waking up in the middle of the night with the sense of feeling that something in my heart was not right

tossing and turning on my bed filled with confusion and frustration in my head remembering what that preacher said

that based on Exodus 20 I was an adulterous lying thief and yet I thought I had a strong belief but my actions reflected idolatry and blasphemy

I tried retracing my deeds but I could recall more of the bad ones than the good

I guess it meant that I was evil

as I set on my bed I came upon the realization that if I were to stand before God on that day for my final judgement then I would undoubtedly be sent to hell

at that very moment I went down on my knees knowing that it was not too late and I called upon Jesus Christ while weeping and crying I asked him to come into my life and save me

and then in just an instant I felt free and finally there was peace in my heart

then for the first time I laid down and went to sleep not worrying about the next day

I remember today

I remember waking up in the morning filled with a joyful spirit and determination

being driven by hope preparing to live  the rest of my life for Christ and no one else

I remember myself

I remember a sinner saved

The End

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