well, this poem is about depression, though i'm not a petient. i'm trying to imagine it.

All I see is darkness after a beautiful sunshine,

All I feel is drowning after a cool, soothing swim,

And sometimes, I fall into a deep crevice after climbing to the top.

Because when the light and the joy is sucked out,

The horror and darkness is unleashed.

And when the dream ends, the nightmare begins.


It’s always the same each day,

Waking up and assuring myself it’ll be a nice day

But who am I fooling.

Deep inside I always know that

'Twill be the same as yesterday



Someone said that every day’s different

Take my word, he ought to be shot

There are monsters lurking inside of me

Those only come out when I’m most vulnerable

I scream, I cry, but they are not the ones to leave,

My senses are.


I see the mirror every morning and I realize

I’ll probably never change back.

I’m permanently disfigured, forever gone

There are voices inside my head, whispering, and murmuring

It’s like I’m trapped in my own mind.

It’s not a place anyone wants to be in.


No one even suspects that I’m gone

And that’s what hurts the most.

I laugh, I smile, and I chat,

But it kills me everyday that no one sees that inside,

I’m as good as dead.

No, this is worse than death.


This is me, sinking, drowning,

Slowly…feeling the water enter my lungs,

Feeling me losing consciousness,

And there’s no one to pull me out of this mire.

And I don't even hope of getting out anymore

The End

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