Sing the Song

My dream for the world, and a valiant attempt at rhyming. ;)

The time has come to make your choice,

so sing your song, let us hear your voice.

The time has come now to make a stand,

and protect all you value in our home land.

The time has come to scream out loud, 

to take up arms and make yourself proud.

For everything you cherish will someday be gone,

along with all you love and friend it won't take long.

The sand it's slowly slipping and the ticking hands of time,

are counting out our heartbeats, one is yours and one is mine.

All along we have been dancing to someone else's beat,

it's time for us to now control the movement of our feet.

Together we will fight for the expanse of the trees,

we will fight for our brothers on the islands between the seas.

We will fight for each other, for equality and peace,

we'll overthrow both greed and hate; our world's true disease.

Our message will be carried over hills and through the streams,

we will love our neighbors; we will follow all our dreams.

We will speak for those who can't speak for themselves,

fear and malcontent placed on their respective shelves.

We will learn the force of god goes by each one of his names,

we'll learn that we're all family, that we all bleed the same.

The time has come for this cycle to break,

time for us to take control and lay claim to our stakes.

The time has come to make our mark,

to pull our souls out from this perilous dark.

The time has come and we won't back down,

our song of love is a mighty sound.

The earth is ours and the time has come,

to listen hard and  join her song.

The End

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