Sinful Mistake

Anger, sorrow, hatred, despair,
Screams of agony filled the air,
Someone was begging, pleading, to be let free,
That poor, pitiable someone was me

Having known nothing but a world of darkness,
A lighter black being my only brightness,
Hope just seemed so far away,
My path along the tunnel, gone astray

Scars littered my body, like a canvas torn
Why did I have to be this way, why was I born?
Nobody cares, not a single one
They gave up on me, and now they’re gone

I tried to fight, fight to stay,
But my bite had gone, disappeared along the way
I had lost my reason to stay alive
Stopped understanding the need to survive;

I’m nothing but a burden, a broken tool,
I’ve got no use, an unlovable fool
But I know your faces, your voices, though I cannot see,
I know of your putrid intentions for me

Because I was the mistake, I always have been
My dreams of family, acceptance- dented, crushed like tin
And though they are hidden, your hateful glares,
I feel the force of your unfeeling stares;

I’d leave now if it were up to me,
Escape this world and finally be free,
But to kill myself would be to let you win,
And therein lays the greatest sin.

The End

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