Sincerity (Thank you verse47)

I wanted to say thank you to verse47 for all the lovely things he's said about some of my works and I wanted to convey how special and wonderful his sincerity is. This poem is for him. :)

The compliment which reaches out and touches one's heart
Is as beautiful and special as a brightly shining star

The flattered heart warms and swells with joy and pride
in the work, like it's swallowing a shore like the tide

The feelings evoked by the comment include extreme pleasure
And the person who receives knows it'll be something they treasure

For years to come. The heart also fills with gratitude
of such vast, wondrous, almost heart-stopping magnitude

And all that person can think of this lovely, kind comment
Is what a kind person gave this compliment.

Then the task for the receiver is how to give back. Deep inside, for the perfect thank-you, the flattered person delves
For one feels better about making someone feel great than they'll ever feel about being pleased themselves.


The End

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