Simply Civil

The new blood navigators,

electricity stream singers, 

robotic blind butchers.

Neutrality for callous, stained hands.

Machines climb up scaffolding along the corporate money flow.

From our pockets at the bottom to the few at the top.

Bureaucracy is a black rain cloud, storming.

All the rain drying up before it hits land.

The majority of us standing in the cracked soil.


All human history is,

recorded and pre-recorded, 

is a group of people being controlled by another group of people.

And the lower always have asked for validation in their freedom from oppression.

If the law is civil,

then live in great care and dwell on new passioned art.

If it is not, and the signs of discontent show all around you,

then it is simply the action of dismantling the form of government that rules,

and trying again.


Because, if you work,

they build war with your taxes.

Try to escape. They won't kill you.

All  other countries genocide their dissatisfied youth,

but we're more civil.

The choice is simple.

Simply civil.

Rot in windowless boxes.


live in a windowed box, work your ass off,

and take travels in the short, intermediate while.

And Machines climb up the scaffolding along the corporate money flow.

The End

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