A poem that I entered in to the Christopher Power Poetry Competition but didn't win with sadly. I hope you enjoy.

I am simplicity.

I am the nib of a pen,

I am the ink that spills.

I have the wings of a bird,

And the song of the world.

I am your mother,

Your sister,

Your brother.

I am wealth,

And poverty;

I am every little thing

That aspires to be big.

I am the big things

That dare to be little.

When you look upon me

I do not blink

I do not speak,

And yet I scream a thousand words

And express a million wishes.

If I could but tell

That secret of self

I would be complex

And misunderstood.

But since I am silenced

My secret is safe

And so I stay simple

As I was in the first place.

The End

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