Can't Bee Me

I am a bee.

A busy, buzzing bee.

I'm not gonna hurt you

But you're still afraid of me.

Because I look just like a wasp

And I act just like one, too.

So, for all that you know,

I am gonna sting you.

It's been like this so long,

Even I believe it's me.

Now there's no way to go back,

No way for me to flee.

So I keep up the pretense,

Loose sight of who I am.

And for all of this time

You never suspect it's all a sham.

You just see what I show you

And believe every lie.

'cause I act like the boss

And you're merely a fly.

It's rather a tragic story.

Just wait, on day, you'll see:

I will try to use my sting,

Then remember, I'm a bee.

The End

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