Simple 'Hi'

A person who's in love for a long long time is already tired of waiting for the person he/she loves to love him/her back. There are so many things that hinder him/her if he/she would still continue to love that person. Questions are also popping through his/her mind that would also hinder him/her to be faithful to whom he /she loves. It's also normal that some people might be tired of waiting for the one he/she loves. But there are also some people who are always faithful to whom he/she loves.

Thanks for being a part of my life,

for making me smile,

for making me laugh,

and for making me feel that I am loved.

I thought you would just be a friend of mine

But then there came a time,

That you would make up my life

That started just because of a simple 'Hi'

The time finally came

that my love for you was already in flame

That time, I was waiting for you to me love me back

But because of waiting for you for a long time,

my feelings for you turned black

Years already passed by,

still believing that someday, 

you might be mine.

But then, something popped into my mind,

maybe I'm just following a broken line.

They said ' Don't stop believing,

As long as you're not cheating'

Those lines made me endlessly thinking

But then, I realized that I was only dreaming

Until now, still thinking,

Would it still be possible for you and me?

Sorry if I'm thinking like this

It's just that I'm already tired of waiting

The End

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