My Swan (Challenge Three- Imagery Poem in Free Verse)

You are my swan and I your river.
The world above me sees your grace:
Celestial, serene, refined.
But I have the privilege of water.

I flow beneath and around your beauty
And you allow me to see all of you.
You let me in, trusting me to see
The paddling masked by tranquillity.

To those above, you are formidable.
A sight to behold, but with a strength
Remarkable for such pulchritude
And viewed as a threat, a danger.

They cannot see what I can see.
I see you without armour,
Your soft, downy stomach
Unprotected and open only to my eyes.

You live in silence- unrevealing-
Nearly mute but with your dying breath
You break forth in song,
Finally showing the world your glory.

The End

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