The Flash (Challenge One- Doggerel)

Whilst wandering alone one night
I met a flitting flash of light.
It dropped from an alarming height
But floated, regardless of its plight.

The flash resumed its fluttering flight
And with awe I wondered if it might
Be none less than the fabled sprite.
It came up close, to my delight.

Its face was fine, its figure slight,
Each eye no bigger than a mite.
Its sparkling clothes were all in white
With glints and gleams etched in my sight.

The little creature did invite
Me to a tree, where it did alight
As I stood by, silent, upright:
Too awed to be much more forthright.

It grasped my finger, held it tight,
And with a wink most impolite,
Bared tiny teeth and took a bite,
Causing a shout of pain and fright.

So if perchance you meet this blight,
Beware that beauty covers spite,
And if you think my tale too trite,
Then test your luck: it’s truth I write.

The End

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