Silver Tongued Boy

Listen now, and listen with care,
I am silver tongue, you best beware.
I play my role, I wear this mask,
I do as told, I never dare ask.

No one sees, and so I shall hide.
The real person, who's hidden inside.
They often guess, but they don't know.
They think they see, but I'll never show.

Mask upon mask, which is the real?
The truth is hidden, for none to steal.
Oh silver tongue, you make me cry,
I speak the truth, I speak the lie.

my silver tongue, I cannot decide
I spin this tale, but I cry inside
Oh why this curse, this power of mine
It shows so much, it says I'm fine

But I know the truth, I see whats wrong
I follow the right, I have all along
This foolish world, it thinks it's right
I'll prove it's wrong, I'll win this fight

The End

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