Silver Street Lights And Grey Tights

So swift her movements like a snakes travel spiral down an old grape-vine.

Normal full-figured woman all over sweet, holding her caption derails my vision to the left.

For that first time as she pass and I noticed, underneath the silver street-lights and grey tights.

Legs thicker than thick and well proportioned!

The top small of her back like a receiver already in motion.

Rear reverse-side more round than an apple-bottom shape extra-size. 

Hips as wide as the grand-canyon! With a dip in each step for balance while they expand to match her stride.

A real picture-perfect view when she got up close and personal!

So amazed at her red-bone complexion that glistened, and sparkling deep brown-eyes so seducing.

Beautiful lips a shade darker than pink, giving me a fine pretty little wink.

Then, a quick smile on her face as I stared at the shine from her pearly-whites.

Thinking! Do I know this woman from another place?

I heard a voice speak so softly spoken say?

“Hi! How are you?

I immediately fainted!

Once conscious again still stunned, so many people surround me as I wonder what happen. 

Suddenly! Sitting up-right looking, she just disappeared out of sight, into thin-air in broad day-light. 

Where from she came I’ll never know but always remember.

That time I saw underneath the SILVER STREET LIGHTS and she was wearing GREY-TIGHTS.

The End

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