Silent Killer

This is about a girl who murders you while your sleeping and then sleeps with your body for fun. Don't give her your address.

 Silent Killer

When I awake, all is forgotten

Sleep is bliss, that was true

But what awaited at school

Stirred my stomach blue.


When I arrive, all is remembered

Fear creeps in from her name's depiction

But I play my cards, no matter how dodgy

Today seemed to be my contradiction.


When I enter the class, contradictions are swept

I see her still there gazing around at her targets

But I obey my Sir and sit next to her

She holds me like her arms are nets.


When break dawns its dark ways

I feel ever-more confused

Where did she go, with her swindelling ways?

I really wasn't amused.


When school draws to a close

I walk home with ragged sack of work

Then I heard something, an unmistakeable rustle

I turned to see where she lurked.


When I turned back to continue my quest

To get home, bay myself rest

I suddenly got ever-so stressed

She was there feeling my chest.


When I'm standing there

Being sumptuously stared at by an alluring girl

I can't say with my hand on my heart

I'd rather be anywhere else in the world.


When yet we embrace

It tingles ever-so good

I didn't want to pull away

Even though I should.


When I was finally in the grip of her talons

I leaved, knowing it already too late

She had had a sniff and was now hooked

She had found her new soul mate.


When I lay in bed safely that night

It was cosy and warm and snug

But something else soon uneasily crept in

Like an uninvited bed bug.


When the shadow of the girl loomed over my bed

She smirked as she summoned her knife

Then she recited

"Let all the pain go, the strife."


"Let me sleep with you

Or with all of my might

Shall I put this knife

Right into your goodnight!"


And when it was done

She slept with me, the chiller

Her lips ever so tender

That is the Silent Killer

The End

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