The Great KnifeMature

So I recently started playing Silent Hill, and now have a slightly unhealthy obsession with all the grusome creatures within that town. Here's a poem about The Great Knife.

A blade rapes mortal flesh; encased in filth, and

Blood weeps through the stitches.

Mutilate the weak with violent desire and

lust for killing; you hold the

Fate of sanity in your bloodied fists.


Town was defiled; left to decay

Beneath the mists, obscuring minor

Panic attacks; but what's a bit of brutallity

Between us freaks?


Distorted beauty is the kind I love

And loathe; your elusive weapon is my

Yearning; yearning for death and deep, dark

Graves for eyes.


I want to flay the flesh from your warped persona

With the Great Knife you once held high.


The End

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