Silent friends among us

A poem about "lonely" nature I wrote in eleventh grade.

Only the ordinary tree

Lacking remarkable quality

At least unto the slothful eye

A part of nature we see daily

When keen observer looks upon

The tree consumed by engulfing sky

We may see it is not alone

But keeps company both day and night

The sun, of all, a dearest friend

And necessary to sustain life

Closest ally from start to end

Beams upon its friend, one much more brief

A sparrow soaring on the wind

Lighting on a branch, sings out, "Hello"

A song strange, but not to his friend

The great Goliath of the hollow

Night closing in, the sparrow flies

The sky drapes down, a perfect blanket

Technicolor, yet without dyes

Brings to the Earth a sweet contentment

I tell you though, life does not end

When night sheds abroad its sweet perfume

For darkness like water surrounds

Trees untiring listen to night songs

The End

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